About Us

The Hometown Stories project takes a group of students or community members and provides them with a teaching writer who leads them in creating stories about the places they were born or grew up. Over the course of five workshops, participants learn how to take a memory and turn it into a finished story. They brainstorm, they write, they read their work aloud, they help each other revise and rewrite, and at the end of the process, they share their hometown stories with the world.

The Beginning

The project was piloted in Florida, USA, in Fall 2012. As we receive funding, this website will grow and evolve and the project will continue in hometowns around the world. Soon we’ll bring teaching artists into the mix, and our writers will be able to add their own original photography and artwork to their stories.

The Story Gatherer

The Hometown Stories project was created by Cora Bresciano, the co-founder and Executive Director of Blue Planet Writers’ Room. Raised in the US in a family of immigrants from two countries, immersed in the languages and cultures of three nations, Cora has a deep interest in creative international projects. And in storytelling. And in being at home in the world, no matter which hometown she’s in.

Blue Planet Writers’ Room is a non-profit organization based in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Blue Planet places teaching writers and teaching artists in afterschool and in-school residencies, where they integrate the arts and international collaboration into writing and reading workshops.

To learn more, go to www.blueplanetwriters.org

Questions or comments? Interested in bringing Hometown Stories to your hometown? Email us at info@blueplanetwriters.org