At Home in Hue by Hang Tran

Hue, Viet Nam

At Home in Hue
by Hang Tran

Missing all the good things in this hometown.

My country, Viet Nam, is a good place with a lot of historical traditions. I love everyone around me, because they are really friendly. I love my hometown, Hue, because it’s where I was born and grew up. It has a lot of big houses, nice beaches, and more. When people eat the delicious food, like noodles and vegetables and fish, they feel great. The logo of my hometown is the buffalo, the bamboo, and the lotus flower.

When everyone arrives in my hometown, they can feel comfortable coming from another city of Viet Nam. They can travel around my village and watch, see, feel, and taste. The food and the scenery are plentiful. In my country, the cities are noisy, and the villages are quiet. Over there, people don’t like to bring up cats and dogs like Americans do.

Over time, my country develops more, making everywhere so nice. It’s entertaining for you. It’s really vibrant. There are many ethnicities with many different languages. The people of Viet Nam are hard-working and industrious. Although it is not yet as developed as some places in the world, I believe it’ll do well as time goes by.

The myths of my homeland have heroes—they brought peace to everyone in my country. My country has many islands, beaches, woodlands, and animals. Annually, many festivals uphold our traditions instead of letting us forget them. It’s very wonderful and important to me.