Carnival! by Luana Suida

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Luana Suida

The famous Brazilian festival.

Carnival is a very famous festival in Brazil. People celebrate Carnival in different ways, depending on the state. For example, in Olinda (a city in the northwest of Brazil) the way to dance is unique, and the clothes are different compared to Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. The festival doesn’t have a permanent date, but it always happens around the end of January and the beginning of February.

Carnival is so much fun! People have a good time dancing, singing, and dressing up in costumes. It takes five days, and in some places it goes on all night. At the center of the city, there are a lot of parades; people follow trucks that play music, dancing non-stop. Also there is a place called Sambakrama; there, “schools of Samba” compete with each other, they fill the place with Carnival clothes, allegorical cars, dances, etc. Each “school” has a theme, so they make all the clothes, the decorated cars, the dances, and the lyrics of the songs based on that year’s theme. The judges give them points for each category, so the one that has the most points wins. The schools of Samba take the whole year to create the clothes and the song, to build the allegorical cars, and to train for the big day. It is an amazing spectacle!