City of Tombs by Long Le

Hue, Vietnam

City of Tombs
by Long Le

This hometown is known for a very distinctive feature.

I was born in An Bang, Hue, Vietnam. Many people call my hometown a “Ghost Town” because in Vietnam, only my hometown has many big tombs.

The tombs are big, divided into 4 or 6 small tombs inside. You need blueprints to build a tomb—you also need square rocks, flowered enameled tile, and a picture of Jesus on the top tombs. I can walk inside the large tombs because they are open, but I can’t walk inside the small tombs, because they are closed. Some tombs are in special places and some are near people’s homes.

One tomb is 20 feet high and 25 feet wide—it looks like a house. Every family has one tomb in memory of their old people and when they die, their son builds a tomb for them. In my hometown, only clans have very big tombs, as big as a small school. If someone in my hometown wants to build a tomb, they need more than $10,000 to build it. We have a lot of visitors who come to see the tombs in my hometown.

I have a memory about my dad’s tomb. It was built seven years ago and my mom has a picture of it. It took about three months to build. If you want to see the tombs of my hometown, you can find them with Google.