Encounter in Las Ramblas by Carlota Riu Valencia

Barcelona, Spain

Encounter in Las Ramblas
by Carlota Riu Valencia

Who is this man, and why is he following us?

My city is Barcelona, Spain. I went back there last summer. I was walking in Las Ramblas with my best friend; her name is Carla Rosique. We grew up together—I met her when I was two. We were so glad to see each other again. We had been talking about the last month and my new experience in the US while we were sitting in a cafeteria in front of the beach.

Suddenly a man appeared and he started walking behind us. He followed us for ten minutes. We were scared. My friend turned around to see what was going on…and the man took a guitar from his backpack. He was behind us singing and playing the noisy instrument. We were laughing a lot—everybody turned around to see what happened. It was an amazing and crazy afternoon.

When we arrived home, Carla said, “Have a good day, nice friendly guy!” He smiled and kept walking on the avenue. My city is a safe and interesting place, where the people are polite and nice, and if you need something, everybody helps you. In general, they are friendly and really hospitable.