Hot Pot by Xinyue Li

Chong Qing, China

Hot Pot
by Xinyue Li

An American visitor confronts fiery Chinese cuisine!

I was born and grew up in Chong Qing, China. It’s a very beautiful city. Also, the food there is really delicious, but really spicy, too.

Chong Qing is damp, so people there love spicy food, and they eat a lot. One time, an American man came to Chong Qing. Because of the long plane ride, he was tired and hungry. He said he wanted to eat “Hot Pot.” So my mom took him to a Hot Pot restaurant. “Hot Pot” is the most famous food in Chong Qing. You can put any food you want into the pot with soup. My mom wanted to order him a soup without spice, but the man said he will be able to enjoy it with spice. Later, the food came. The man found it was too spicy, but he didn’t want to lose face—so he kept eating and eating. What happened then? He went to a hospital, because his stomach couldn’t take so much spice!