The Cemetery by Dayana Levano

Piura, Perú

The Cemetery
by Dayana Levano

Ghostly legends become all too real for a group of kids out late one night.

When I was 13, I went to Piura, Perú with my family. When we got there I went with my cousins at about 6:30 pm to visit some places and to eat some good food. We went to a fair and ate a lot of cotton candy and chocolates—but we didn’t notice that it was already 10:00 pm, so we had to come back home.

We passed near a cemetery. It was really big, with white walls. While we were walking we heard a weird noise, so we got really scared and started talking about what we would do if we saw a ghost, but just as a joke. Then we saw a shadow of a person and it looked like a girl that was crying. We got shocked and start running until we got to a lighted place—a Peruvian restaurant.

When we got home, we told our family about it and they believed us because we were really scared. They said not to be outside too late. People tell a lot of ghost stories about Piura, and I still remember that noise in the cemetery.